Policies & Procedures

Welcome to Bryant Middle School
Our motto is “Bryant: A place where excellence, academics and responsibility are a reality.”

We support this belief and expect students, teachers, administrators, parents, and the community to work together.

Each of us has to become truly involved and put forth their best effort.

As a successful community of learning, everyone can make a positive difference.

Our staff cares about each student and hopes that you have a successful year.

Mr. Matthew Smith, Principal



  • Excuse Notes

    When a student is absent, a parent/guardian should call the school or are required to bring a note from the parent/guardian directly to the attendance office upon the student return to school.  All excusal notes must be submitted within 5 school days from the date of the returned from the absence.


  • Tardies

    The bell rings at 8:25 AM with class beginning at 8:30 AM.  Students who arrived after the second bell will need to report to the attendance clerk with either a parent/guardian or a note from parent/guardian. 


  • Truancy

    Student with higher absenteeism and truancy experience difficulty in learning as it becomes to difficult for teachers to maintain a continuity in their teaching and students struggle to catch up with their peers.

    Students who leave school during school time or are enrolled in the afterschool program and leave the school without permission are considered to be truant.  A student who is NOT in class when school is in session, but is either in the hall or on school grounds, must have the following:

    1. A school approved and recognized hall pass​
    2. Note from teacher, administrator, or counselor
    3. A note from a parent/guardian to explain tardiness.

    Truancy and loitering may result in appearance before Peer Court.  Chronic truancy may result in a recommendation for an alternate placement or for student on special permit to return to their boundary school.


  • Sick Students

    Sick Room

    The sick room is allowed for short-term assistance. Parents/guardians will be called and are expected to pick up students who are ill.  If a parent/guardian cannot be reached an adult from the emergency contact list will be called. 

    ·         Band-Aids and Neosporin are provided for student with minor scrapes or cuts.

    ·         Feminine Hygiene pads are provided for emergency situations.  The office is not authorized to provide students with tampons.

    ·         Ice for minor injuries can be provided.  Students are required to call home whenever they request ice to keep parents informed.

    ·         All head injuries will be reported to parent/guardian by phone.

    ·         Medication is not stocked, stored, or distributed on the premises for general use.  Staff is not authorized to give students medication. We encourage parents/guardians to have students take medication outside of school hours.

    ·         Students that require health care plans for specific health conditions will need to turn in completed S-9: Student Medication Form to the Vice-Principal.  Wade Capps, the school nurse, will coordinate with parents/guardians and Vice-Principal to set up the health care plans that meet the student’s needs. 

    ·         No student is to attend school when suffering from any type of illness during itscontagious period.  (I.e. lice, pinky eye, strep throat…)

    Keep your child home from school if:

    ·      Your child was sick with vomiting or watery diarrhea within the last 24 hrs.

    ·      Your child had a fever of 100 degrees or higher at any time within the last 24 hrs.

    ·      Your child is being treated for strep throat (must be on antibiotics for 24 hrs. before returning to school)

    ·      Your child has crusted or matted eyelashes and/or green, yellow, or white sticky eye drainage along with redness.  Please note: your child needs it see a doctor for medication if it is “pink eye”.


  • Protective Orders/ Custody Issues

    For court orders that effect your student it is important that you notify the Registrar.  You will need to visit the office and provide the court order to be included in the students file.


  • Extended Absences

    Five or more consecutive absences must be excused by a doctor’s note.  If a parent/guardian knows in advance their student will miss school 5 or more days, they must obtain an extended absences note from the office.  Students are requested to plan vacation on non-school days.


  • Lockers

    Lockers are school property and are loaned to students for their convenience.  The school reserves the right to inspect lockers. Lockers must be kept clean and free from stickers, fire-hazard material (i.e. spray colognes, hair spray).  ONLY the student assigned to a locker is eligible to use the locker. For your own safety, do not keep money and/or valuable items in lockers.  Parents/guardians it is recommended that you review with your student the importance of not allowing other students access their lockers or putting items in other student lockers, the front office does not let students into lockers that they have not been assigned to. 

    Students who are having trouble using the combination, have jammed lockers, or are unable to open them can come to the front office for assistance.  In some instance they can be issued new locker assignments.

    Locker halls on the first floor are assigned to the 7th grade, lockers on the second floor are assigned to the 8th grade.  Students are not able to access their lockers during lunch as class is still in session. 


  • Lunch Accounts

    Each student will have their own lunch account where Parents/Guardians can pay in advance either online or at the Treasurer’s Office located in the Counseling Department. Applications for free/reduced meals are available at the nutrition office in the cafeteria or can be completed on line at any time.  If you have any questions regarding free/reduced meals you can call the child nutrition department at 801-974-8380.  Parents/guardians will receive reminder calls from Salt Lake City School District and Bryant Treasure for any negative balances on lunch accounts.  To pay online please go to


  • Dress Code

    Students are required to follow the District Dress Code Policy. All students are expected to dress appropriately. Please review this policy with your student.

    • Any article of clothing, badge, sign, lettering, hairdo, jewelry, emblem, symbol, or other personal display or adornment, which is intended by the students, or is recognized or acknowledged by students or Metro Gang Task Force, to designate a gang symbol or to signify affiliation with, participation in, or approval of a gang is PROHIBITED.
    • Immodest and suggestive clothing; apparel advocating illegal or inappropriate behavior or language; head wear; gang symbols; disruptive apparel is PROHIBITED.
    • Accommodations will be made for students whose religious beliefs are substantially affected by dress code requirements.
    • All clothing should be modest, safe, and clean.
    • Clothing should not detract from learning.
    • Hoodies are PERMITTED, but the hood should be down at all times while in the building and during school hours
    • No sleeveless shirts.
    • No flip-flops, or loose fitting sandals.
    • Nothing should be sheer or see-through.
    • Shorts, skirts, and jumpers may not be more than 3 inches above the knees.
    • Leggings may be worn under skirts, shorts, or jumpers but may not be used alone as pants.
    • No bare midriffs (stomachs) allowed.
    • Clothing shall not expose abdomen or chest and shall be of sufficient size to conceal undergarments at all times.
    • Clothing such as low-cut, tops, bare midriffs, spaghetti-straps and tight-fitting clothing is prohibited.
    • The waistband on shorts and pants need to be above the hipbone.
    • Hats and sunglasses may not be worn in the school building during school hours.

    Consequences for students who violate the District Dress Code include, but are not limited to the following:

    •  Students wearing shirts with inappropriate illustrations will be required to reverse the shirt inside out, change, or put another shirt or sweater on to cover inappropriate illustrations.
    • Students will be required to change or cover suggestive or immodest clothing.
    • If students come to school out of dress code, a parent or guardian may be notified and requested to bring appropriate clothing for the day.
    • Students with excessive dress code violations will be referred to his/her counselor and administration. If necessary, parents/guardians will be called for a conference with administration.


  • Lost or Stolen Items

    All lost and found articles should be turned in to the Front Office Window immediately. Electronic devices items are given to the Vice-Principal.  Other items are placed in the lost and found rack located in front of the cafeteria. Useful items that are not claimed will be donated to charity on a quarterly basis. Everyone should take precautions to avoid the loss of personal belongings.  Personal property brought to school for any reason is solely the responsibility of the owner. Lost or stolen items should be reported immediately to the Vice-Principal through an incident report form. 


  • Elevator Use

    Elevator use is restricted. Students with physical disability, permanent or temporary, may contact the Vice-Principal to obtain permission to use the elevator.




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