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      Ms. Butterfield began her dance training with classical ballet at the Academy of Ballet Arts, where she was given the opportunity to be a member of an amateur ballet company (Mountain West Ballet).  After several years, she began to study modern dance, jazz dance, cultural dance, ballroom dance, and theatrical dance.  Ms. Butterfield pursued her dance education at the University of Utah, where she received a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree in Modern Dance Performance, with an emphasis in education. While at the University of Utah, Ms. Butterfield pursued a minor in health education, which she finished in 1999.   Ms. Butterfield later accomplished her Master’s Degree in Education, Culture, and Society (ECS) from the University of Utah ---- a graduate degree with an emphasis in educational equity.

     Coming from a family of educators, Ms. Butterfield has always loved teaching and working with youth.  She is a seasoned teacher in the art of dance and has taught students from the ages of 2 through 51.  She has had experience in teaching a myriad of dance forms.  This experience has overlapped many venues, including public high schools, public middle/intermediate schools, public elementary schools, community school, private studios, tutoring, fitness centers, and university settings and has spanned over 28 years.  Ms. Butterfield has taught middle school health for over 14 years.  She feels grateful to share her passion and fascination about the human condition, as well as employ her skills and expertise in educational equity and culturally relevant teaching.

Ms. Butterfield enjoys spending time with her spouse and her kitties, and regularly participates in Zumba and yoga classes.

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