Brittany Dame

About Me

Brittany has both her bachelor's and master's degree in geology from the University of Utah. Before becoming a teacher, she was a hydrologist for the Utah Department of Natural Resources.

As a teacher, she strives to help students create positive science identities and provide an environment where all people can see themselves as scientists. This year, she is partnering with Ms. Hannah Harper Hanson (8th grade math teacher), the Forest Service, and Corazón Latino to build an environmental, scientific, and data literate classroom community that uses critical thinking and communication skills to engage their school and local community through conservation, environmental justice, and civic engagement.

Ms. Brittany lives with her husband (Mike), two cats (Frankie and Zoey), and four chickens (CreamPuff, Little, Arnold, and Speckles). She loves trail running (or just walking fast in the mountains), gardening, going on climbing trips, traveling internationally, baking gluten free bread (she has Celiac Disease), and improving her cooking skills.

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