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About Me

Hi. Jody Duffy-Brings here. I teach Language Arts Honors/ELP and Drama Improvisation to seventh graders here at Bryant. I am a seasoned teacher and have taught in parochial and public settings. This is my tenth year teaching at Bryant.

I have an English/Theater background with a B.A from the University of Dallas, a teaching certificate from the University of Utah, and endorsements in ELP (USU) and ESL (BYU.) I am a 2013 recipient of the Huntsman Excellence in Education Award.

I love it here at Bryant. I am happy being in such a rich, diverse, egalitarian community. To be a teacher at Bryant, one must believe in an equitable future for all our students. It’s fun and exciting to teach our kids! I enjoy coming to work every day.

In my spare time I like to attend plays and concerts, especially those featuring my talented children! I love to ski and camp with my family, and I enjoy reading, singing, drawing, writing letters, doing crossword puzzles, practicing yoga, walking, and playing pool.

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Drama English / Spanish
Language Arts English / Spanish
ELP Language Arts English / Spanish

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