About Our School

Bryant Middle School is a STEM focus school, grades seven and eight, which works in partnership with the Salt Lake Center for Science Education. 

With so much information at our fingertips it is far more important to prepare students for an ever changing world than it is to ask students to memorize content that may be obsolete before they graduate from high school.  At Bryant Middle School we focus on the important skills and abilities that promote life-long learning.

Students will:

· Develop critical thinking ability

· Become effective collaborators

· Hone their oral and written communication skills

· Learn to be flexible and adaptable

· Access and analyze information

· Expand curiosity and imagination

Close-Knit School Community

Bryant is relatively small at around 440 students. The schedule is structured to create even smaller learning communities that work with teams of teachers. This environment provides greater opportunity for students to be well known by faculty, staff, and each other.  The better we know our students, the better we can meet their individual needs. 

Why Science?

Science is an exciting and motivating context to serve as a central theme for the school. Through science, we develop thinking skills that are useful in all walks of life.  Students that exit high school well prepared in math and science will have more opportunities open to them as they move into the next stage of their lives.  It is estimated that by the time our students enter the workforce, most jobs will require some science and mathematics competency.  All students receive extended time in Mathematics and Science. 

We Care About School Culture and Student Well-being

Bryant’s intentionally constructed school environment allows us to effectively focus on school culture. We promote a safe and positive space that allows students to be themselves, develop a metacognitive understanding of their own learning, take healthy risks and maximize their academic and social growth.

We understand that stressors both in and out of school affect learning. We collaborate with the University of Utah to provide students three levels of social and emotional support: social and emotional curriculum, focused group therapy, and individual therapy, as needed.   

Bryant counselors provide individualized career and college counseling and organize a school-wide career day every year.

Rigorous Curriculum

Bryant offers rigorous curriculum with high expectations for ALL students. We realize that students are at different places on a continuum of learning and they are all capable of exceptional amounts of growth and achievement. Research shows that all students from all levels of achievement benefit from being in classes together; therefore, we do not track students.

Experiential Learning

Students gather and analyze data, construct and adapt models, & investigate phenomena. All students participate in projects, many of which include interactions with organizations outside of the school.  

Bryant students use modern technology such as scientific probes, 3-D printers, laser cutters, and heat presses to engage in design-thinking and engineering processes.

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