About Our School

At Bryant we implement comprehensive educational programs that are data driven and ensure that every student demonstrates growth. We are committed to providing quality academic intervention programs to address individual student educational needs. Bryant Middle School is always striving to enhance our students’ lives and improve academic achievement. Our staff, community partners, and parents feel it is important for this enhancement to be continuous and genuine.

We are a community of students, teachers, parents, volunteers, and coordinators who believe the future of our society lies in the success of our children’s education. All children can learn and we believe each child must be treated with respect, compassion, and sensitivity. We are dedicated to providing the most relevant and effective learning experiences possible. We empower students to take responsibility for their learning, personal growth, and actions. We meet the needs of all students, recognize and celebrate our diversity, and enable all children to meet the challenges of tomorrow with confidence.

  • Bryant sets high academic standards that are data driven and ensure that every student demonstrates growth. Quality academic intervention programs are in place to address individual student educational needs.
  • Bryant’s neighborhood Extended Learning Program (ELP) focuses on language arts, mathematics, science and social studies. These courses are accelerated and hold students to a rigorous curriculum.
    • ELP language arts includes inquiry-based research projects, creative writing, exploration of essential questions, and universal elements connecting reading, writing, listening, and speaking.
    • ELP mathematics includes extra depth and additional topics such as codes, number bases, number systems, and patterns for seventh grade and 3-D graphing and graph theory, fair division and apportionment, sets and voting theory for eighth grade.
    • ELP science expands on the curriculum with a focus on depth of knowledge and hands-on learning.
    • ELP social studies includes content covering Paleo-America to the present day. The course also focuses on events leading up to the American Revolution and Civil War. This course is reading and writing intensive. It focuses on communication skills developed through examining, analyzing, and discussing source documents for purposes of writing essays and gaining a greater understanding of historical events.
  • Bryant provides Dual Language Immersion opportunities or students continuing in the state Spanish dual immersion program that they began in elementary school. The course includes goals in communication, cultural understanding, connecting Spanish with other disciplines, language and cultural comparisons, and community building. Eighth graders complete a capstone project.
  • Bryant is a performing & visual arts school that offers art, theatre, dance, band, orchestra, and choir courses.
  • Bryant offers Advancement Via Individual Determination by providing an academic support class for students that have a desire and determination to excel in their academic courses. This course teaches study skills, note-taking skills, and organizational skills for middle-school students who would like to take honors, AP, and IB classes at the high school level and have a strong desire for college preparation skills.
  • Bryant offers extra-curricular programs including student government, techniques for tough times, and school musical/ play.
    • Student Government is an organization that represents the student body of Bryant Middle School in the community. Studentbody officers and class representatives are chosen by an extensive process ending in an election. Members of student government serve the school community, plan events and activities, and make important decisions for the school.
    • Techniques for Tough Times establishes a pattern of success for high risk youth by improving attendance, academics and citizenship, building character and confidence, and shaping futures through life skills training, career exploration, and family interactions.
    • School Musical/ Play teaches the importance of working together by helping to create a musical production for the school and community. Students are required to audition. Commitment and hard work are necessary for involvement.
  • Bryant offers an after school program that offers academic, clubs and team opportunities.
    • Academics include math tutoring, math counts, MESA and UStar.
    • Clubs include the Teen Outreach Program, student government, stage crew, pottery, drama, and dance.
    • Intermural competition include volleyball, basketball, soccer and cheerleading.


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