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Counseling Center

When To See a Counselor:

To Get Help with:

  • Friends
  • Family
  • School
  • Big Feelings
  • Safety Issues
  • Bullying
  • Hurting yourself/others

Your Future: 

  • -High School
  • -College, Trade School, Tech School
  • -Careers/jobs


Parent Resources:

Parent Guidance-

This free online resource offers education and therapeutic support to empower and give hope as you support your child's mental health. They offer On-Demand Courses, Parent Coaching, and Ask A Therapist.      

Cook Center for Human Connection-

This resource brings together the best organizations, programs and products to prevent suicide, provide mental health support, and enhance human connections essential for people to thrive.

Suicide Prevention Resources:

988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline


School Counselor Request Form (for students) 

School Counselor Referral Form (for adults)


Mission Statement

Welcome to the counseling center! Our mission as school counselors is to help students navigate middle school,  providing academic, career, and social/emotional support in a variety of capacities. Direct student services include classroom lessons, small group and individual counseling, and helping students explore interests to help them make decisions about their future. Indirect student services include collaboration with teachers, parents, and the community to support student achievement, and to provide referrals to community resources for students and families needing extra assistance.


Caroline Ingraham

Caroline Ingraham

Phone Numbers:
Work: (801) 578-8118 ext. 1520
Jennifer Jones

Jennifer Jones

Jamie Valerio-Figueroa

Jamie Valerio-Figueroa